Rigidbodies and Collisions ignoring each other

Same project as the last couple of topics I’ve opened, but now I’m trying a very different approach, something more along the lines of what I’ve done before with Unity projects. However, my rigidbodies and collisions don’t appear to be working. They work just fine when I launch, but once I click to get things going they just ignore each other and randomly pass through places they shouldn’t be able to.

It’s working fine on my Macbook Air. You are applying a lot of force and torque on the dice so they may be going so fast with the time between frames being potentially large depending on the speed of your PC.

Try enabling Continuous Collision Detection (CCD) as shown here. https://developer.playcanvas.com/en/tutorials/physics-with-ccd/

This should stop objects going through each other at the cost of some performance. However, with 5 dice, I doubt you really will see it.

And/Or you can apply less force/torque/impulse to the dice.

Suppose I should have replied to this when I first implemented the fix, but enabling CCD on the dice worked like a charm, been using it in several other projects as well.