Improvements and changes to Shader Chunks - PlayCanvas Bytes Jul 6 '22

PlayCanvas Bytes is where we talk about upcoming work with PlayCanvas and related topics.

Today we have our tech lead, Donovan and our graphics engineer, Gustav who are here to talk about work they’ve done and planning to do with the Shader Chunk system

00:00 Intro
00:45 Why are we making these changes?
06:19 Work on glTF extensions
08:50 Versioning of Shader Chunks
10:24 Process for communicating these changes in the Engine 1.55 release
11:00 Who will be affected by these changes?
11:30 Documentation of these changes and where to get help
13:40 Expected new features from these changes
17:15 How are we testing rendering changes?
23:10 Outro

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Very interested in the new .gltf enhancements (especially instancing)! Are there any plans on file compression as well? I’ve been using this to compress .glb files but wonder if it might not be compatible with PlayCanvas in the future

The ones that I know can work is Draco and MeshOpt. At the moment, neither are done on our backend when we convert FBX to GLB

But if you are loading a GLB directly, Draco example: Loading Draco Compressed GLBs | Learn PlayCanvas and MeshOpt example:

@mvaligursky would know more