Improve Assets Store

  1. I need more effects like that (sci-fi & not only):
    For example, some cool asset effect packs:!/content/20416!/content/27523!/content/60519
  2. Sorry, but PlayCanvas Asset Store is not so many assets. Are any plans extending it? Maybe will available selling assets from PlayCanvas users?
  3. If I made a pack of effects could I sell it on the PlayCanvas Store?

Indeed. What about easily integrating scripting assets. It could be a source of revenue with royalties. I guess part of the problem is tr playcanvas team and user base may not be late the enough to handle vetting through quality of user submitted assets, and you still need a working asset ecommence store with ratings all that jazz.

To start with, a curated/tag-searchable list of all the sample public projects with useful features be good, and the ability to easily copy and paste scene objects in those projects to also include all linked script/asset dependencies as well ( and conflicts/uploading of copied assets between projects be easily resolved via a seperate dialog box to allow importing them into seperate folder or cherry picking which assets to import or changing imported file name reference or using an asset already found in yr own project ). In fact, that might be a better feature compared to an actual asset store… since there’s a whole cloud of undiscovered playcanvs projects out there.

The caveat is that a cherry pick/resolve assets conflict dialog box still has problems if script assets access other assets remotely by code… or script assets share the same script name and thus run in conflict , and this is hard to track from the code itself unless you run an audit of all scripts, etc. And this isn’t a solution either since there could be runtime executions that are left out as far as dependencies are concerned.

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