Copy Paste Entities between different Projects

We have recently added the ability to copy paste entities from one scene to a scene that belongs to a different project. Before we only allowed copy pasting between scenes of the same project.

When you copy paste entities that have asset references to a new project, we will try and auto-match those asset references to assets in the new project based on the path of each asset. So if for example you copy paste an entity with a model component that references a model asset, then if a model asset exists at the same path and with the same name in the new project, the pasted entity will match that.

This should be a useful feature if you are used to forking your project and making changes there and you want to bring back changes in the entity hierarchy to your original project.


Could this be done with Assets at some point as well? We have two projects, one for testing and one live and it’s be nice to only do the work once instead of recreating the entire asset workflow and setup twice

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Indeed asset copying would be extremely useful.

To start with, is Playcanvas able to import into an existing project within the editor instead of import to a new project ? If there is asset conflicts within the importing, a resolve/cherry-pick assets dialog box could open similar to how unity does it. With it , I was considering “standard” options like asset renaming, folder relocating, asset re-linking , etc. to resolve imported asset conflicts . Or perhaps, just have bulk uploading/downloading of assets into the editor while maintaining folder structure of uploaded contents.

If Playcanvas did have such a feature in the editor, and perhaps also a curated/public-reviewed list of import/export worthy public projects, you’d essentially have something that is arguably better than unity’s asset store. ( particularly for personal and organisation users, though free users could still somewhat “import” public projects via manual forking/downloading/uploading and copying and pasting with their limited uploaded file storage Quota .)