I want to study how it work

Hello all,

Is it possible to open this project in development scene to study of how it works,

Also where can I find ready aplications where I can study the ways of how it work,

Thank you for attention,

Kind regards.

There was a similar question before … see here:


I didn`t understand exactly what do you mean, but in featured project BMW project exist.

Pls see attached screen.

Hi @Ivan_Stratiichuk,

Having a build available in the featured section doesn’t necessary mean a creator will have that project public for editing.

That has been asked before in the post @mvaligursky shared above, the BMW seems to be a private project.

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Understood, its not important for me will it be BMW project or some another,

Could you help me to understand how this sample works at user side.It don’t interact with me and my phone…