How to open the BMW project in the editor?

In Wikipedia it has a screenshot of the BMW project in the editor…

When I go to the url ( PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine ) it gives a 404 error.

In the featured section it says the BMW i8 project is made by “playcanvas”. If I click on the name it takes me to lots of projects made by “playcanvas” but the BMW project isn’t there.

I believe the BMW project is private hence the 404 error if you try to go scene in the editor directly.

Is there a way to fork it so that I can have access it too? BTW there are a large number of public projects also by “playcanvas” here: (BMW is by “playcanvas”)
I thought Wikipedia would have used a screenshot of a public project.

Unfortunately, I don’t think so. If PlayCanvas could share it, they would. I think it is private because it was a proprietary for BMW.

Is there any part of the project you wanted to look at or use? There might be a code sample or project that is public that you could look at instead?

I guess the person who took the Wikipedia screenshot was a developer for BMW… anyway I was mainly interested in the materials part of the screenshot. I’m impressed by the materials.

In which case, the Model Viewer and Archviz Example have pretty good examples of materials and lighting


I was wondering if there is any example of how they did the color changing of their car?