I need help with my player model

Hello, again I need help with my player model.
I 3D modeled a player and converted from GLB to FBX so I could animate. When i got the animations in the game, The color wasn’t showing. I added textures but it didn’t work. (I 3D modeled with tinkercad by the way :))

@Emmett_Tolbert It’s hard to see what may be going on. When you imported into Playcanvas did you happen to notice if any of the material colors came with it? i.e. like in this screen shot. Also in the shot below you will see a little shading etc.

When I select the material I see this so I know it’s actually something that I want.

This is really the first step to see what is going on. Depending on the model import there are also some other settings you can change to bring the color to life. Maybe if you are willing you could share your project so others can have a look.

Please see Texture not appearing on imported Tinkercad model

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