Texture not appearing on imported Tinkercad model

I’m currently teaching a course and my students are using Tinkercad (they’re all on chromebooks) to create 3D models. This has worked fairly well, except that the models cannot be textured. Apply a material with a texture on it does not change the appearance of the model at all.

Here’s some pictures:


Both the cube and the wheel have the same material applied.

Is there someway to fix this?

What filetype are they importing? If FBX, are the textures embedded in the FBX from Tinkercad?

Can you provide a project example please?

We’re using .obj I think I found a workaround importing to a different online modeling software (vectary) and texturing it there

At a guess (without seeing the model/project), the wheel has no UV coordinates and therefore can’t render a texture on the material

Ah that makes sense! I think you’re probably right. Thank you

What are uv coordinates and do I need to change them in Play Canvas to see imports from TinkerCad?
I’m very new at this.