How would one go about making an open world Star Wars game that was to be like Grand Theft Auto?

Hey guys just wanted to know what I need to do to make a open world GTA-like Star Wars game,message on this post for suggestions.

Thank guys!

Work for a pc gaming company for 5 years. Learn as much as you can on multiple subjects and you will realize that you can’t make a game like this for a huge number of reasons.

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Well, not alone anyway - unless you’re in the top 0.1% of game devs.

Join EA and get overworked without pay while they make millions scamming gamers - sorry, I’m a little salty :grin:

What role would you have in the making ?
Game designer ? Coder ? All roles ?
Have you read Star Wars novel books ? In which universe would you like your game to happen ? The new Canon Universe, or the original Expanded Universe (which is now called Legends) ? If you were getting money from LucasArts, I guess you would probably have to make your game happen in the new Canon universe.