How would I make every child entity of the root appear the same to all online players

I need help, with this done for me I will be able to do pretty much everything myself.

Hi @Jacob_Mcbride,

I am not really sure what you are trying to do.

In general there isn’t any automatic way of networking state changes. You will have to network all the required info yourself, much like the multiplayer example does for position.

You want an entity created on other players? Send a message with e.g. the entity name, position, rotation, scale etc and create it on all player clients.

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What I am trying to do is allow the player to see the other player the exact same as the player like as you said rotation, position, skins, and name. (I have the name done already)

I know about the placing entities with JavaScript, how would I add this to my game so online players can build?

Hi @Jacob_Mcbride,

I think what you are asking here is similar to what you’ve asked here?

What I want to do here is to make the tutorial work for my online game, can you help do so?

If you are looking to place entities in your game that get networked to every other player, then it’s the same thing you’ve asked on the other topic.

I can’t help with that, it’s a complex thing to build especially in such a generic manner. Usually on networking you plan your messages ahead of time and include only as little as necessary information required to avoid lagging your clients. That means you just don’t send full serialized entities over the wire.

You can study articles on networking multiplayer games online, there is a lot of material. And the good thing is the basics are the same no matter the engine you are using (Unreal, Unity, PlayCanvas etc.).