How would i go about making a custom lava shader

hello! i just finished my break and started to go back to working on Trigo Run, but the visuals are slightly outdated for the project, how would i go about making a custom waving lava shader similar to how minecraft does it. it would also need to be tilable to the world so no-matter the shape of the object it doesn’t distort the texture

i want it similar to this

it looks like this right now

There are a lot of good sources online but I think you should use your own ideas and make something great. There are many useful tutorials on YouTube and other video sites as well!

I hope this helps!

i’ve already looked but i sadly haven’t found one that would integrate with playcanvas

Hi @Deadshot1m24!

Please check the topic below, I think this is exactly what you need.

Thanks to @commention!

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@Deadshot1m24 To add to @Albertos suggestion above you can also use the method covered by this Tutorial.

In the tutorial you can see that the moving texture is applied to a flat plane. This method and short script can also be applied to a cube, cone, or cylinder. Any texture can be used so you will have to search for a minecraft type texture you have above.

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I didn’t know about that page. Thanks @Tirk182!

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the animated thing is something that i still haven’t figured out even after 2 years of this platform? is it possible to create lava waves? to where it waves like water horizontally instead of adding a complex texture?

I found this other topic and it seems that there is currently no easier method.

@Deadshot1m24 Here is a project I have that is public. Go through the doors and go back to the laser room. You will see that I have a lava laser for you to look at. Also, since it is public you can see how I did it.

thanks for the example i will make an attempt to take this and make it my own stylized asset that fits trigo run :slight_smile: i’ll get back to you when i’m done with this

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