How to render certain meshes after a post effect?

I have a rendering idea I want to experiment with which would involve a slightly convoluted change to the rendering pipeline, and I’m trying to gauge whether such a thing would be possible. In its essence it would be something like this:

  1. Draw most of the scene
  2. Apply a post effect to one particular area of the scene
  3. Draw a particular subset of meshes on top of the same area of the scene the post effect was applied to

(1) is obviously already taken care of, and after looking at a couple of the example post effects I think I can see how I would do (2), but I’m not sure whether (3) is going to be really complicated to set up? How would I go about doing something like that?

Not sure what you mean by 2 as it sounds very similar to 3?

  1. Post effects only affect the camera so you can look at camera stacking where another camera renders after the post effects camera using another layer:

Alternatively you can use and set a layer to stop when post processing is applied: eg

Edit: Just realised both methods have World 2 ignoring the depth buffer, probably due to how the post processing effect is rendered :thinking:

@mvaligursky mentioned another way here: Bloom effect on model with background without bloom - #5 by mvaligursky

Thanks guys, will look into these possibilities