How to layout PlayCanvas and GUI menu section

Recently i have seen a project from showcase forum here is the link

as i am learning Playcanvas I want to create same as above project and here is what I have done

the issue is how can I set the individual layout of playcanvas and menu section.
if anyone didnt understand my question plz play below video

Hi @rehman97!

I think you need to do this with a HTML/CSS file in your project, but I’m not sure.

Albertos I need to complete this project. I have used the HTML/CSS file in my project but the thing is how would i set the position of layout if their is any code or resources plz help?

I haven’t used it in a project myself.

You can probably use your browser’s dev tools to find the name of the element to look for in your files. Then you can split it into two different elements and change the position of each element individually.

As long as you only share a launch link and no editor link, I can’t check your project.

sure here is the link of editior

In the script folder you can find the HTML and CSS files. Most likely you can change the position of the specific element in the CSS file.

I can change the UI where i have options on the right side
but how can i change the background 3d model controller in a specific section which attributes should i use.

and @Albertos
would you read that article what do you thing that will help me

Probably also somewhere in the HTML or CSS file?

I have no idea if this can help you. I don’t know what it exactly is or does. Is it related to this topic?