How fbx import preserves the original hierarchy?

The fbx model I imported from 3dmax has only the outermost file. I want to edit the child nodes. For example, if a whole car is imported, I want to edit the wheels separately. However, his child nodes are not displayed at present. Please ask me How to solve this problem, thanks

Hello @Rex! As far as I know it is currently not possible to do this in the editor. But you can try to access te child entities by script. You can use this.entity.findByName(“child name”) in the script added to the parent.

The editor only shows entities but it does add the models child nodes as graph nodes. These can be referenced in code by findByName / using the children.

We are considering changing this so we do show/import the child nodes as entities.

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We have this on our roadmap and plan to start working on it perhaps 1 month from now. The first step is to release our Templates (AKA Prefabs) feature to everybody. Then we can start importing FBX files as Template assets instead of Model assets. Template assets will show the whole original FBX hierarchy. So yes, bear with us a little while longer and you’ll see this feature a little down the road.


Hello everyone, any update on this. do we now have any way to see the hierarchy of children nodes of a model.

Not yet, it is current in development and hope to get into a beta release soon. More details here at Khronos WebGL meetup:

Any update on this? Templates are here and awesome! Only the model hierarchy is missing :confused:

Currently in beta, if you want access, I can add you to the beta if you post your PlayCanvas username :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:
I’ll wait eagerly :smiley:

Hi, @yaustar,could you please add me as well,this feature is amazing :grin:

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I will DM you @FBplus

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Hi! I’d gladly test this feature too if it’s possible

The feature is looking to be soft launched soon (this week or next week) :slight_smile: Please wait till then unless you need it urgently :grimacing:


@yaustar is it this nice feature “import hierarchy” ?

Seems to work fine, so awesome! Perhaps just push everything inside a folder if we import many fbx at the same time?

Yes, that is correct :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s a good request actually :thinking: Can you add it to this repo as a feature request please

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we considered that, but decided a user can organize those themselves easier … if they want few models together, they add them together. Otherwise they can create separate subfolders.

I see what you mean @mvaligursky. It requires some extra click. For a batch import, it’s a real pain. Maybe add this as an option to tick like “import hierarchy” ? “create sub folder”?

I’ve created the issue

It’s something we can definitely consider in the future.


I’ve some issues with animations and the new system “Import Hierrachy”. In this demo I’ve imported twice the same object, one time with import hierarchy unticked and an other time ticked.
Putting both models on scene and adding the animation, one is playing (with the old fashion way, there is an issue in the animation but that’s not the problem here) and the other one not. I tried to put the animation at different level of the template without luck… Any ideas?

calling @Elliott to share his wisdom on this one.