How fbx import preserves the original hierarchy?

Hey, a quick suggestion would be to move over to the new anim component.

Here’s it working with the imported hierarchy:

Wow, indeed it works!

Three questions :

  • so we shouldn’t use anymore the “animation” component with the new system, but the “anim”?
  • even if it is the same model and same animation, with “anim” the animation is corrected. It doesn’t use the same system under the hood?
  • “anim” doesn’t play in the editor like “animation” right?
  • Yep the anim component is now the standard way to work with animations in PlayCanvas. It’s being actively supported and extended. We’re slowly moving towards deprecating the animation component.
  • They’re partially using the same system under the hood however there are some differences in logic. This is because the anim component was created as a more generalised animation system (animating any component property in the scene).
  • That’s right, however it’s something we’re planning to add to the anim component in the not too distance future!

I hope this info helps :slight_smile: