How do I Visualize a Bounding Box as an Render Entity?

I’m trying to create a rendered entity that is the exact dimensions and rotations as the bounding box of an object in real time, but it seems almost impossible to achieve.

Basically, a visualization of the AABB but as a rendered entity.

Has anyone done this before?


Hi @Grimmy,

I haven’t tackled this before, but I gave it a go. Here is the complete script and an example project using it:

var BoundingToCube = pc.createScript('boundingToCube');

// initialize code called once per entity
BoundingToCube.prototype.initialize = function () {

    // --- find all mesh instances
    let meshInstances = [];
    const renders = this.entity.findComponents('render');
    renders.forEach(render => {
        meshInstances = meshInstances.concat(render.meshInstances);

    // --- calculate the total bounding box
    const bounding = new pc.BoundingBox();

    meshInstances.forEach((meshInstance, index) => {

        if (index === 0) {
        } else {

    // --- add a cube to match the bounding box
    const cube = new pc.Entity();
    cube.addComponent('render', {
        type: 'box'



Perfect! Thank You so much for this! I was almost there myself but you made the code much more succinct than mine :slight_smile:

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