How do i move a capsule collider independantly of model

Hey y’all, just picked up learning play canvas, used to using unity. Is there a way to edit a entity like you can a prefab in unity?

I added a capsule collision to my model since apparently, you can’t do mesh to mesh collisions (added a building model, set the collision to mesh but my player could walk right through). But I can’t move the capsule independently, so it is stuck halfway down on the model.

Hi @Aaron_Bm and welcome to PlayCanvas. Unfortunately, you cannot do mesh-to-mesh collisions in PlayCanvas due to the limitation of it’s physics engine, Ammo.js. The simplest method of moving a capsule independently of the entity itself is to add the model as the parent entity, and the rigidbody as a child entity, thereby allowing you to move them independently. However, sharing your project link may help in this, as the building model’s mesh also could have a few issues, thus leading to your issue.

P.S - If you find PhysX more suited to your needs instead of Ammo.js due to your experience in Unity, @LeXXik has built an awesome project integrating PhysX into PlayCanvas - PlayCanvas with NVIDIA PhysX

Hope this helps!