PlayCanvas with NVIDIA PhysX

Project demonstrates the use of NVIDIA PhysX with Playcanvas. All physics are moved to web worker.


This is amazing! Do you think it would be possible to integrate the full PhysX and add it as a second option to Ammo? This could be super useful to many. :pray: @LeXXik @will


Very nice work, many thanks for sharing! Did you run any performance comparison with Ammo.js for large dynamic scenes?

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@pixelpros right, that may be done at some point in the future. We need to wait for better bindings coverage, at least to match the Ammo functionality.

@Leonidas thanks! The bindings are quite limited for now, so many features are simply lacking en emscripten bind. It would take some effort to expose additional bindings, so perhaps at some point later. Nevertheless, here is a stress test for comparison Ammo vs Cannon vs PhysX made by from Amazon team:

The example sources are based on the pending PR:


That’s amazing!

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