Having issues with my projects

Hi there, was just playing with the editor a bit.
I assigned rigidbody to a couple of balls, but when I start the game they don’t move.
I set them as dynamic.

I also tried to play the game from my list of games page, in doubt that the game started paused for some reason, and not knowing how to unpause it.
But in my games page the version that comes played out is an old one, without the latest work.

Oh and another last thing: is there a ready player controller of sort?
I added the Playbot to the scene but it doesn’t do anything.

BTW: the editor and the engine are really really interesting, and I really love the editor GUI and its simplicity.

And one last thing: do you plan on adding a visual programming tool?
I would love that.

Ehm, and I was forgetting: is it possible to issue cryptocurrency commands from inside the system?
So to allow people to buy items, give prizes, etc.?

At a guess, they either don’t have collision components which describe the shape of the rigidbody and/or the physics library hasn’t been imported. (See the section here to import the physics library: https://developer.playcanvas.com/en/user-manual/physics/physics-basics/#enabling-physics)

If you are still having issues, post a a link to the project and someone will be able to look in more detail.

Please post a link to the project for someone to look at if you are still running into this issue.

At a guess, you have built a new version of the project but not have set it to be the build that the permalink points to. See this section: https://developer.playcanvas.com/en/user-manual/publishing/web/playcanvas-hosting/#selecting-a-primary-build

Not really, there is a first person tutorial that covers the movement (I’ve been meaning to update that to do a larger FPS style game) and there is also a third person project sample.


We have no immediate plans. However, we do have a new graph editor coming soon for the new animation state controller and for shaders so we may consider this in the future.

Yes but you would need to integrate the code and infrastructure yourself, PlayCanvas does not provide this out of the box.

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