Getting timedout from session

I have a multiplayer project where i am using photon. It creates a room and i can join but after some time it gets disconnected because of timeout. So I wanted to know that the timeout values cannot be changed ?


Hi @Vivek_Kumar_Chaini!

I was unable to solve this problem.

With some workarounds I was be able to keep the current game alive, so players where be able to continue the game after a timeout.


I created custom functions to get the current game progress on the side of the connected player when a player reconnected after a timeout. Then I also set this game progress on the side of the reconnect player, so both players have the same progress again.

Maybe the page below can also help you a bit.

Timeout happens in many ways. The most common way is you are not login into the correct region. So you have a bad connection with the master server which will let the timeout error occur. Try select a nearest region server will solve this problem.
Also, timeout happens when there’s ‘too much traffic’. In Photon PlayCanvas Demo. You’re raising event in every update to sync player’s position. This is not a good choice and even wrong for a multiplayer game. You need to manage your traffic and send them evey ‘tick’ (like once per 200ms as such). Photonreal time only provides a way to communicate, and is not as compelete as Photon Pun or other Photon products. You need to write your own management in most cases.
This site might help you Analyzing Disconnects | Photon Engine

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