Game doesn't work when published on mobile

Hi, I’ve been scratching my head at this one for a while.

I’m working on a simple 3D virtual exhibit, and everything has seemed to be working fine when I launch from the editor. To test mobile, I’ve been using chrome debug and setting dimensions to mobile, and this has also worked fine. When the game is published, I can play perfectly fine from my PC on PC and mobile orientations, however, when I open the published version from my phone it doesn’t load. I get the chrome error “cannot open this page”. For reference I am using an iPhone 11 Pro.

Here is a link to the published project: Glimmering Feel - PLAYCANVAS

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Seems to work fine on my Samsung Galaxy S23.

Maybe you use high resolution textures?

Thanks, this is very likely the issue. Didn’t make the connection that it could be an issue only on iPhone

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