FREE: PlayCanvas Editor Extension v1.4.3

Haven’t looked at your implementation for this but just wanted to mention that we already support that. Assets referenced will be matched by name and path if possible.

Yes I saw that while trying this:) This uses “hashes” for versioning and copies the assets as well, but TBH I might just leave it out in favour of actually copying the stuff over by hand.

Copying the assets is also quite useful.

Yeah the biggest problem is animations. There’s no way to actually create an animation through the editor (there goes one idea I had for a plugin lol) - it always ends up as a JSON doc. I have to import the source FBX, mess with what it produces and dump bits of it.

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  • Added per sub mesh settings for decimation as an advanced option
  • Added mesh output precision
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  • Posted online help on the blog and added a help button link

Just a question, I’m a Chrome user, but does anyone think that this extension should be ported to another browser?

I’m guessing Firefox would be the obvious choice given PC’s roots!



  • Fixed a bug in baking with no UV2
  • Fixed a bug in decimation where the decimation panel would not appear

Just thought of another request. Would it be possible to use a service like to ‘compress’ the textures? (User will have to provide their API key)


Sounds good. I’ll take a look!

I’m looking at this and wondering if I can just build in a quantizer and palette creation option. I guess the issue is that many of the available libraries seem to use binary implementations. Will report back.

@whydoidoit Thank you for this great extension! I’ll be eager to study the source code to see how you did it :slight_smile:

I was giving a try to the texture downsize, but I think there is something not working. I used a jpg of 1920x1440. If I downsize it to 512 it creates a new one of 960x720. (by the way why do not allow to downsize to 1024 too).
I suppose you are expecting a squared 1024x1024 texture and 512 represents a 50% reduction.

Also, a minor detail, it would be nice to have the new texture placed in the same folder of the original.

I faced little issue when I can’t lock camera because of panel.


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How does copying off assets between projects work? I can’t seem to find where the buttons are, in the extension and in Play Canvas

Select entity, right panel, bottom.

Thanks, I am going to try that!

I read the docs and it seems to be not working or user error, select the objects in the hierarchy and copy on the tool bar, and then in my other project I press paste, but it’s not pasting anything I selected, too complex maybe?
Guessing User error.

I also tried that bottom right hand panel thing, but it doesn’t seem to work either for me.

Thank you for this really nice extension! I definitely need to try that. Many thanks :slight_smile:

The bottom right hand panel option mentioned above only does entities from what I have found elsewhere on the forums, does this extension support assets?

On a sidenote, it’s possible to do runtime static mesh baking via the Playcanvas’s Batchmanager or just Batch groups within editor. But overall, this seems nifty more for the pre-baked mesh combining. I think Decimator generally works best for trunk/rock-like structures but not something requiring fine-tuned precision like buildings though?

I tried to combine 2 primitives i get undefined though.