Fork or import project increase size

I often duplicate my projects because most of them are very similar, with only minor adjustments.
but when I try to duplicate them by forking or importing,the size of the project increases:

Can anyone give me some advice?

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I don’t think it would be possible to find the reason, without you giving us what changes you’ve made. A minor change for you, might be a major one for other.

In fact the picture above is just a test,I changed nothing.
I wonder if others have the same problem? anyway thanks for your reply :smile:

Something for @will @vaios to check out.

Yes. This has been with us for quite a long time and is very annoying.

I really hope they can fix it,since the backup of the projects can be painful,especially when they are large.

I am experiencing the same weird issue (I have too the need to fork my own project).
Here’s a repro:

  • Create your own project and work on it
  • Fork the project from the same account
  • Notice that the forked project has a bloated size.

For instance, forking a 191.24Mb project, will result in a new one sized 405.10 (not sure if it’s somehow keeping file deletions).

Hope this helps

Hi @marcosecchi,

I’ve observed this myself from time to time. Invoking @will @yaustar they will be able to take a look at this.

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Yeeeeah, we are still looking being able to delete checkpoints and give better controls over user storage :sweat_smile: . For the moment, we have just been giving people more storage.

@marcosecchi: I’ve just bumped up your storage on your personal plan.

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@yaustar pretty amazing! Thank you!

Yeah I am encountering similar issue on my free plan.
136 MB fork to 400 MB :joy:

Hey @Jianesis what is your PlayCanvas username?

Hey @yaustar, my username is DavidJian

Bumped up your storage to 3GB

Wow thanks!

Hi :wave:,
As no. of projects are increasing fork becomes challenging to manage the storage space…
@Playcanvas Team Any update on this issue? :thinking:

Haven’t been prioritised unfortunately.

If you have old published builds, you can delete them to free up some space or you can DM me your account username and I can add more storage

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