Project Size Error?

Hi There. I’ve just forked a project over to my account. The original project was 631MB, but when I fork it over its jumped up to 1.28GB?

I am not sure but does fork also copies check points?

what are check points? (apologies, new user here!)

No it doesn’t: Work was deleted. How to recover?

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Check this link:

Checkpoints is created when you merge branches together.

Checkpoints is created when you merge branches together.

Branches are created so more people could easily would on different parts of a project. Like there could be a branch to fix an error, add feature and other stuff related to the application. Then they are merged to create the final product.

Read this:

There were issues in Playcanvas in which when you fork a project its increased the size of the project.

Is it possible to reduce the size of the newly forked project back down to the same size (631MB) as the original?

I am not sure.

This link shows the same issue. I thought it was resolved but I am not sure.

Hi @adametheridge! Do you have a link of the project that you have forked?

Sure. Here you go:

Hmm… That’s odd. Not sure what is happening there. I will increase you disk allowance in the meantime

Did you use version control in the original project?

Not that I’m aware. Ok thanks

Ah, that explains it. When you fork a project, it makes a checkpoint of the current state (600MB) hence the doubling in size.

I’ve bumped your storage on that account a bit to help but that won’t last long given the size of the project if you use version control.

Ok thanks - is there a way to delete that checkpoint to bring it back down to 600MB?

At this time, unfortunately no.

Ok thanks for your help!