[Feature request] Serialize Field

is possible add serialize field into attributes ? Like Unity https://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/SerializeField.html


If you’re asking how to expose script attributes in the editor, take a look at this page.

I’m sorry, but you probably do not know what the serialize field attributes are…

Here’s a example from Unity.
That’s what I meant.


I suspect @Zeppelin7 knows very well what is the [SerializeField] attribute, as I do, but your question is not clear.
SerializeField is used to specify what fields to expose in the editor and to store inside the scene or a prefab.
And this is what the link @Zeppelin7 posted. It explains the only way to achieve a similar thing in PlayCanvas.
You are welcome to give more details instead of judging the knowledge of other developers that try to help.

Looking at your screenshot, maybe (guessing…), you would like to inspect and edit a full object instead of single value.
I don’t know if it could be possible to add such feature.
Javascript is not a typed language, so is hard to expose an object, as it would be needed to specify what type are all the fields. And attributes are missing in JS, so would be difficult to do it.

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