[Feature] [Editor] Allow to run and deploy a custom Playcanvas build

Being Playcanvas opensource would be nice to use the editor also with build coming from a cloned repository.
This would allow to improve and extend the workflow by using custom-made features not suitable or ready for the whole community.

Undocumented feature on running a version of the engine hosted locally or on the web:

Add use_local_engine=http://localhost:8000 on the end of the launch/build URL where localhost:8000 is where the engine is hosted. (I can’t recall what the filename needs to be, it’s been a while since I’ve used this)


Hopefully this should get you going while you wait for this feature.


I don’t know that before ! :rofl:

I believe this only works with http, so remember to remove the ‘s’ from your https:// in your launch URL. :slight_smile: