Extremely slow loading times all of a sudden in the US

We and our clients are experiencing extremely slow loading times on the playcanvas experiences we have online.

This just started to happen today, and since it’s happening to multiple experiences we have online that have not been touched for months, we believe this to be an issue on your side.

The steps to recreate this is to load the following experiences from the US.

This is causing numerous problems on our client’s pages, and we can’t do anything on our side.

Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

Let me connect to a US VPN and take a look. These are all served on AWS so we will also be checking their services

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We are investigating on our side. In the short term, would you be able to self host the build instead and therefore remove dependencies on our servers?

@epigraph Can you provide any timings on how fast it has loaded in the past and how long it’s taking now?

We are trying via VPN but it would be great to get a benchmark please

With an East Coast VPN, the PlayCanvas app is 16MB download and is completed in 7-8secs

@yaustar, we normally see a loading time that can vary from 5 to 15 seconds, which is quite far from the 10+ minutes we are currently observing.

As for switching to a self-host: We would rather not do that since it would require all our customers to change the iframe URLs on their end

Do you still see this now? We are currently on US PCs and VPNs and seeing loading times back to 8-12 secs

@yaustar it seems that whatever you guys did fix the issue.

If there is any info that you can share with me and the community as to why this happened, please feel free to do so.

Thank you for your rapid assistance!

Erm, we haven’t done anything besides identify that AWS S3 (where the builds are being hosted) was being slow to transfer data to countries outside of the server location in EU WEST.

It looks it has sorted itself out during our investigation.

However, we cant see anything on the dashboards (ours or AWS) on this or if there was any disruption on the network route.