The project can work when press launch in editor but fail in build

Error: Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

Works fine here

Do you have adblock or similar extension enabled?

That’s all for my extension…

Try to disable all ad blocker extensions see if that helps

Which geographical location are you in?

Can you try the following links please?

Not loaded and this is the error message. I can still use the build link in the afternoon, and now I can’t even see the previous build.

Odd that you can get that far but not any further :thinking:

Which country are you in?

Hong Kong
Here is the link I built, can you use it?

Yep works for me in the UK. Let me try a Hong Kong VPN

I tried a HK VPN and it is loading, but VERY slowly. We are investigating the cause.

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Maybe I can load it too, I’m just too impatient, but it’s really slow :smiling_face_with_tear:

You aren’t being impatient, it’s going at 10KB /s through the HK VPN when I get a top speed of 80Mb/s

Thanks, hope to notify me when service returns to normal

We think it’s AWS S3 related so investigating the cause on that side

@Joby.Wong Can you check speeds now please? We believe it’s AWS S3 related and little we can do about it ourselves right now.

However, it looks like speeds are back to ‘normal’ now.

Yes, it is normal now, many thanks!