Extending the Editor

Hello fellow Developers!

I’ve seen some Plugins for PlayCanvas and the look and work great!

Now I was wondering how to do one myself and use it with the Online Editor. How I can let’s say create a Button which will add a “Prefab” (a collection of some predefined Entites) to my scene.

Where do I get started ? How can I add functionality ? Is there any Example on this out there?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @Bfischlin,

There isn’t an official way, as of now, to do that but the Playcanvas editor has gone to great lengths to allow editor scripting that.

Take a look at this post to get started with that:

Wow great thank you very much!

So do you think it could be done in like a chrome browser extension ? :smiley:

Yes, whatever makes it easy to inject JS code in the Playcanvas editor tab running.

Browser extension (custom or one of the many injectors available) or pasting code to the console, any way would work.