[SOLVED] Tutorial for writing a PlayCanvas Editor Extension

I’ve seen that there are a couple of extension out there for the PlayCanvas Editor.
Some of them are free and some of them are payed extensions.
But where to get started when you want to write your own extension for the editor.
Is there a tutorial somewhere? @whydoidoit


Various users have created extensions however we do not officially support extensions yet. Our API might change without notice. If you are fine with that maybe @Leonidas can point you to the right direction as he’s created a lot of them.

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Hi @Patrick_Munster, indeed it is relatively easy to start extending the PlayCanvas editor. Even though there isn’t any documentation right now and as @vaios said the API is prone to change, you can get started now.

The PlayCanvas editor source code is not minified on purpose:

You can open up the browser console and type in Javascript that will directly run in the context of the editor. Try this, a simple script that will return a list of all children entities to your Root element:

var itemRoot = editor.call("entities:root"); 


And this will give you access to the pc.Application instance running in the editor:

var pcApp = editor.call("viewport:app");

Here are a couple of useful threads to find more info:

And some example scripts you can find here:


This script will return the selected item (editor entity) and change its name:

var item = editor.call('entities:selectedFirst');

item.set('name', 'Camera Selected');

The following will return the position of the selected item:

var item = editor.call('entities:selectedFirst');