Engine 1.66.0 breaks WebXR

It seems like the new engine version broke WebXR rendering. I only get a black screen.
Tested with Quest 2 and 3.
Engine version 1.65.5 works normally.
No errors in console.

Anything in the browser debug console?

Nothing just a black screen.

I wonder if you have transparent canvas enabled in the Render settings? If not, try and enable it to see if that helps.

Screenshot 2023-11-02 at 16.55.28

If I turn on transparent canvas I do get an image. However the perspectives are way off and the right eye shows the screen of left and right eye.

Quest 3 and potentially some other platforms have changed the behavior of the way XRView’s are returned from the internals, and if they are returned in reverse, then it leads to an issue. PR is in the works.

The black screen for VR in 1.66+ is reported already: Engine 1.66+ fails to create XR context with default GraphicsDevice settings. · Issue #5775 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub

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Can you please provide a project/link to reproduce an issue?
And what device you are testing with?

Black screen fix is here: [Fix] When the default framebuffer is updated, refresh info about its format by mvaligursky · Pull Request #5784 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub

We’ll release an engine patch with this before promoting 1.66 to the Editor again.

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And this has been now released as well with 1.66.2

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I also have this problem, but with Firefox.

If I’m using Firefox (no VR or anything) the screen is just rendered black after launch (on all projects). This is the case for engine version 1.66.2 and 1.66.5, but if I revert to version 1.65.5 the rendering works normally.

Enabling “Transparent canvas” in the rendering settings solved the issue for the newer versions, but it seems a bit hacky (and also is default off).