Anti-aliasing on FireFox is broken?


I noticed that it seems anti-aliasing on FireFox stopped working a while ago. Even if it is turned on in settings I get jagged hard lines in my FireFox browser, but not in Chrome. Anyone else experience the same?

I think it might be related to this post: Engine 1.66.0 breaks WebXR - #6 by moka

Firefox has a bug, preventing the app to start, if AA is enabled. It is now disabled in Firefox, until they fix it. More details here:

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K, thx!

I just noticed the truely horrible aliasing in FF on Windows which led me here.
Checking the FF bug thread, I see there’s a suggested solution:
Recommended workaround: Use alpha:true with RGBA8, even if always opaque

How would I do this and reenable AA when running in Firefox?

Hmm, I think that would be a problem to force alpha all the time because that can have issues around alpha transparency multiplying :thinking:

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You can try and enable Transparent Canvas in the Render Settings, but that might cause other problems as the canvas will be transparent. But worth a try, as depending on the use, it might work.