"enable" event doesn't trigger after initialization

I have a script that starts an animation on the enable event of the entity, but when I enable the entity the first time, the event doesn’t trigger.
If then I disable it and enable it again, the animation starts.

Doing a bit of debug, the initialize method is called as soon as I enable the entity the first time, I subscribe to the ‘enable’ event, but the event doesn’t trigger.

Is it by design or is a bug?

The enable event is fired if you enable the entity at some point after it has been disabled first. You can just call your enable method inside initialize.

Thanks, I’ll keep it in mind but I found it a bit confusing as I would expect the initialize method to be executed regardless if the entity is disabled or not.
It’s like a cunstructor for me.
Also the fact the the enable event must be called manually the first time loses the idea of a auto-calling event. Expecially if the entity starts disabled, and enabling it doesn’t trigger the event.

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Actually I was thinking more about the initialize method, and it’s correct that is called only if the entity is enabled.
But still, I think that the enable event should be called as soon as the entity comes to life (enabled by the system after loading a scene, or enabled by code if it is created disabled)

Is there any way to subscribe event before initialize or isn’t contemplated at the moment?