Editor error: Failed to execute 'shaderSource' on 'WebGL2RenderingContext'

This bug appeared a few weeks ago. I thought that over time it will be fixed.

Just an opened project in Opera GX (LVL4, core: 88.0.4412.85).

For example, a simple project without graphics:



I tried to reproduce by downloading latest Opera GX LVL4 (core: 89.0.4447.64), but I was unable. It seems to work correctly both the editor and launch windows.

What are your system specs?

I restarted Opera and the error is gone. Opera was probably updated when I opened the ‘About’ menu to see the browser version. There was a bug in the previous version. Although updates were installed regularly.

The MS Edge browser has been working correctly all this time. I used it instead of Opera.

Now there is no error. But it appears and disappears from time to time.

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Sometimes browser WebGL context can get itself into a state where it can’t recover and requires a browser restart or computer restart.