Delete pointless posts

I’ve made several posts on the forum that while waiting for a response I’ve managed to find a solution to myself. Is there a way for me to just simply remove them, or a way to flag them for removal by admin? Would clear up a lot of noise on the boards.

You can edit/post that it has been fixed and if you can post the solution, that will help anyone else that may come along later as well. I wouldn’t really like to see posts deleted if there was a genuine problem and also contains the fix.

I wasn’t thinking of it for posts like this, more for posts that have no replies. I have a few where I posted and waited for a few days but no one replied to them so I changed the way I went about doing things and got around the problem that way.

In that case, I normally would hope the OP came back and answered his/her own question. (its a big ask but it does help build a searchable knowledge base on the forums).

In general, I agree with you, but sometimes the requests were based on very silly errors, like mistype or messy code.
It would not be a useful answer in this case. Keeping this type of posts will fill the knowledge base of noise that will slow down the searches instead of speeding up them.

I’d agree with Ryan that if a question is considered irrelevant from the author himself and has no answers from other users, probably it should be allowed to delete the whole post, or at least to mark it as not relevant, so that it will not be listed in the lists and in the searches (also on google by adding a no-index tag).

Are you able to flag your own posts with the buttons on the bottom of the post? If not you can attach here some links to the posts you don’t want and I can delete them.

@vaios Would I just flag them as “Something Else”?

This is pretty much the kind of post I’m talking about.