DDS Encoding Consultant needed

Hi Everyone,
My company is looking for a consultant who can assist us in solving a DDS encoding issue we have when using external DDS files or when using Play Canvas encoded DDS files exported to external hosting.

You can find details here or email me at mikek(At) for more details

Please let us know how long it would take to do and the cost in your emails

Mike Kennedy

We ended up doing this one ourselves, thanks to everyone who replied.

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Mike… how did you get your generated dds files to work ?

@Mike_Kennedy … how did you get your own dds working

One of our programmers got it working, nothing special from what I recall was needed. It was mainly using an encoder that was compatible.

Would you mind sharing, or ask the programmer to share how he got the encoding working???

I am really stuck on this and would like t be able to generate my own DDS. Please :slight_smile:

He isn’t in this week, vacation.
The main issue was the encoder. Try using the DDS encoder out of Photoshop or the NVidia one. Then use a DDS viewer, if your viewer can load the DDS, then Play Canvas should be able too.
The other person you can talk to is Dave at Play Canvas, he is on the forums and can direct you to that information.

Ping @dave … can you please give any guidance on generating our dds. :wink:

We currently can’t load DDS files generated from external applications, but we’re working on it.

Yo @dave … Thank you so much for the response. That probably save me weeks of pounding my head against the wall for something that’s NOT implemented yet.

Thank you :blush: