Creating Moving Water by Panning Two Different Normal Maps

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Question about how I would implement something in PlayCanvas. In Unreal, I am able to create a water texture on a plane that behaves as if it is moving by panning multiple different textures across it at varying speeds. I know in PlayCanvas how to do that at runtime with one map, but if I am trying to use two different maps at the same time and blend between them, how would I go about that in PlayCanvas? I assume this will involve some GLSL stuff. Let me know. Here is an example of how a shader graph would be setup to achieve this within Unreal Engine


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@Jake_Johnson This is something from some time ago and I know that there have been a lot of improvements since that time on the shaders etc.

It’s possible that there have been other similar examples of this effect created. Maybe someone else could provide more information.

Playcanvas has announced something similar here.

Edit: Also this is a good reference.

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You can write a custom shader chunk that overrides the normal chunk that takes another texture and blends the two normal maps together.

Here’s a page on possible methods of blending normal maps: Blending in Detail

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