Cartoon outline effect

I need a shader to make a cartoony outline effect but I have no idea where to begin with making a shader. Anyone willing to point me in the right direction? Thanks -William Boersma

You will have to create a shader. There are a number of threads on this: Search results for 'outline shader' - PlayCanvas Discussion

Hey @yaustar I looked through some of top results and got confused immediately I have no clue where to begin with shaders do you have any pointers?

There is a tutorial here: Custom Shaders | Learn PlayCanvas

Ultimately it’s a complex area that will require some digging into the internals of the engine to really get the best out of it as it’s an undocumented/private feature technically.

Long term, the work with the Shader Graph Editor should make this easier to work with.

If you such ‘Shader Chunks’ on the forum, you will will find related posts on the subject.