Cannot set properties of 'alphaTest' for materials even on playcanvas examples

I’m currently using the material of these examples in my project:

But either of these and my project code thrown this error:

Cannot set properties of null (setting 'alphaTest')

you can check these examples your own and see the error

This seems related to this

I reopening it , it needs to be investigated.

This looks like a regression in the engine. If I use 1.62.2, it works:

But it doesn’t work in 1.63.0:

I believe it’s from this PR:

I have updated the PR conversation - it’s possible we might back this out unless there’s a fix suggested.

@will @mvaligursky

The fix for this is not merged into the 1.63 branch/releases

There’s a temp workaround offered here by another user @mrb71 [SOLVED] Image circular progress effect - #4 by Robert_Fikes_IV

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