Cannot read properties of undefined "maxasetretries"

Hello Everyone,
I am getting this error. Can anyone help me out what is this about?

Would you have a repro for this?

It may be related to this too:

also try running with 1.63.0 or 1.63.1, it seems like this could be already fixed

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Still not working. The game is hosted on Azure

Can you provide a link to the build to look at please? In general, looks like there’s an issue with the config.json. Perhaps there’s an earlier error in the console?

Sorry I can’t provide you link it is protected by NDA.

Then it’s really hard for us to investigate as we can’t repro the issue

Is it possible to reproduce the issue with a project that isn’t NDA’ed? Maybe a tutorial or sample project from our documentation?

It seems there are some projects mentioned on separate threads, we’ll investigate right away.

This feels like a separate hosting issue from the other threads and will need a repro to be sure

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It is giving this issue as well while it is working fine in launch and playcanvas build

Moreover there is a baseurl that is loading png from server. It isn’t working right now and is throwing an error. Maybe this is causing the issue?
PS: The png is used in loading screen

I’ve had a look at the published build (you’ve leaked the URL in the screenshot above).

Martin was right, this was due to this issue with engine 1.62 1.62 is unable to load JSON files on FB Instant · Issue #5264 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub that is fixed in 1.63 and was not present in 1.61.

I’ve checked your published build with engine 1.63.3 using Chrome overrides and it loads fine (here’s a partial screenshot)


You may have to clear cache on the browser when you redeploy using 1.61 or 1.63. This was probably why it seemed not to work before as it could be using the cached version of the engine in the browser.

@Leonidas @yaustar @mvaligursky Guys Thanks for the help.

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