1.62.2 - projects don't load on self-hosted server

It seems like projects built with 1.62.1 and 1.62.2 don’t load when being self-hosted. For the test I am using AWS S3 buckets with CloudFront, nothing special.

It seems to occur with any project, including:

Browser Error Log (Win11, Firefox/Chrome)

Other version, like 1.61.3 and 1.63.0 (RC), load fine. I only changed the Engine Version in the Download New Build UI

Hope this helps,

Hi @TRT,

I wasn’t able to verify, a 1.62.2 project of mine seems to work fine on my server.

If it’s possible, could you upload a build with no minification selected? That way the error shown will include more details.

Hi @Leonidas

Here is the VR demo project (PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine) uploaded with no minification:

Engine Version 1.62.2 (not loading)

Engine Version 1.63.0 (loads fine)


I think there was regression in v1.62.2, related to the max number of retries on an http request. That was fixed in v1.63.0, maybe related to this fix:

@yaustar does this ring any bell?

@slimbuck an idea on this one?

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Yep, PR 5165 broke JSON files served with mime type application/octet-stream which PR 5271 fixed.