Camera problem

i have created an new topic anyway, i have added a camera but it doesnt seem to move and i have used that asset (first person) you told me to use

If you click on the Camera entity you can see the view of the camera in your game. This is the same as when you launch the project. Currently the view is not correct. Please check the original template of the First Person Controller. As far as I know the Camera entity should be a child entity of the Player entity.

another problem i have is that the camera doesnt move, could you help with that aswell

Please read my reply above.

how do i make it a child of the entity?

In the hierarchy on the left side of the screen, you can drag and drop an entity into another entity.

thank you again for helping i can now move and walk, you have helped alot

last thing, is there a way i can take the camera our of the player or is it stuck?

Are you sure? :innocent:

Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean.

you said i can move the camera into the player to make it a child entity, can i undo that

Yes, you can do the same ding and drag it back into the Root entity.

ok thank you for helping me today, i really appreciate your help

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ik i said last thing but i accidentally removed it and it doesnt move,131866918
take a look

You can download the First Person Controller template from the Asset Store again.

do i apply the asset to the capsule or the camera?

No, you have to remove the old one.

could you give me a step by step tutorial because i removed the capsule and the camera and im really confused on what to do

Did you already download the template again?


i have to go to bed now could we continue this tomorrow say 5pm?