BUG - Same Texture, different results on Safari

We are currently experiencing a serious bug on Safari:
This is the 3d model on Chrome, as it should appear:

Same texture but on Safari, even by re-building the project multiple times, in most occasions, this is the result:
In our opinion there is a bug around the normal map management by Safari…

Can you create a small public project that clearly demonstrates the problem please? Use a simple sphere perhaps, with a material that demonstrates the differences.

Issue with Safari:

No Issue:

They both share the same textures, and 3D model and configuration.


I’m using Safari (iPad) and it’s working properly for me.
Are you talking about desktop or mobile?

Hello, it doesn’t work on Safari (Desktop). We haven’t tried it on the iOS version yet.

Edit: yes, It does work on iPhone and iPad, you are correct. Not on mac - safari.


Hello, is there any update on this issue?


Sorry for the slow response @Change2.

Firstly, what a great quality model! I can confirm the issue appears on mac safari v13, but disappears if developer option for webgl 2 is enabled. (I suspect this might be related to mipmap generation perhaps…).

Is it possible for you to create a standalone project with just the material on a sphere? This will make debugging on our side much easier. I would need access to the project - username slimbuck.


Also @Change2, what is the difference between the two projects you linked? One works and the other doesn’t.

Hello! Thank you :slight_smile:

The difference is that they are exactly the same (same textures and 3D model) but only one (NoIssues) correctly works on Safari. The IssuesSafari project appears completely different from what we see here, when creating the scene.

Ok, we added you as ADMIN of this project, which has both the sphere and the 3D Model with the same issue.

Thank you

Safari on the right, Chrome on the left.

Hi @Change2,

Just to let you know we are currently looking into this issue. Right now it looks like a bug in Safari and we are busy trying to find out more. Will keep you posted.


Thank you very much for your help! I think so… however, we opened a bug report to Apple, and we were told that other webgl engines don’t have this issue. If you find a way to fix it, or a workaround, it would really be appreciated as it would save us a lot of time.

Sorry it’s taking so long @Change2. We are now in the process of creating a cutdown version of the issue to provide to Apple for debugging. Thanks!

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Perfect, thank you very much!

Small update. Apple now have everything they need to investigate the issue. We must now wait for them to get back to us. We’ll let you know when they do.

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Ok, thank you Will for the update!

Since the fix from Apple may take a while to be released, we’ve added a workaround in the interim: https://github.com/playcanvas/engine/pull/1839


Thank you very much!

We just deployed engine v1.24.6 which should fix this problem. Can you test please and let me know?

Hello Will, thank you for the update. We did some tests here on pc.com. Unfortunately, we are still experiencing that problem.
Would you like to have a link?

Yes please! :smiley: