BUG - Same Texture, different results on Safari

We are currently experiencing a serious bug on Safari:
This is the 3d model on Chrome, as it should appear:

Same texture but on Safari, even by re-building the project multiple times, in most occasions, this is the result:
In our opinion there is a bug around the normal map management by Safari…

Can you create a small public project that clearly demonstrates the problem please? Use a simple sphere perhaps, with a material that demonstrates the differences.

Issue with Safari:

No Issue:

They both share the same textures, and 3D model and configuration.


I’m using Safari (iPad) and it’s working properly for me.
Are you talking about desktop or mobile?

Hello, it doesn’t work on Safari (Desktop). We haven’t tried it on the iOS version yet.

Edit: yes, It does work on iPhone and iPad, you are correct. Not on mac - safari.