Blendshapes / morph targets

Any Plans on if or when those will come?

It’s logged in GitHub, Mate:

Are you watching the repo? It’s worth keeping track of updates there. We try to be as transparent/communicative as possible with what we’re working on there.

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That’s great! Any ideas about ETA?

Regarding keeping up to date, as I mentioned I find the playcanvas platforms to be quite fragmented and redundant. (Forum, answers, github, feed) I mainly keep to this forum because of best UI. GitHub is super confusing for a casual non-programmer user. Just my 2c.

How/where would I ‘watch the repo’?

The work isn’t scheduled yet, but you’re not the first person who’s asked for it. I think getting the PBR workflows right takes priority for the moment.

It’s true, there is some fragmentation - it’s something we’re keeping an eye on and seeing what people prefer. I would only expect coders who are doing quite advanced things with PlayCanvas to follow/watch the GitHub repo, but for those who do, it’s a great resource and a good way to interact with us. And ideally, we want smart coders to start submitting fixes/features/etc to that project.

To watch activity in the repo, just hit the Watch button when you’re logged in to GitHub in the top right of the page:

I’m already watching so the button says ‘Unwatch’ instead. :smile:

Thanks for clarifying!

Any news about the morph target support? the editor doesn’t import the animation inside of the .fbx file.

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What has become of this feature? I have seen some people talk about it and using it, but haven’t found much documentation about this feature.

There is some information here stating it is working, but I can’t really wrap my head around it.

Has anyone made examples using this features? There is an official demo where a cube morphs to sphere, but seems that project is not public -

Morph target animation is currently supported via the glTF loader:

Try the viewer:

Drag in this file: