Importing models with Blendshapes, Converting fbx to gltf/glb not working?

Has anyone figured out how to do this?

I know there are some other threads floating around about this, but I haven’t been able to find a solution that works for me with this current version of Playcanvas?

Going off of this thread, it was suggested to convert the fbx that has blendshapes to gltf for playcanvas to recognize the blendshapes.

When I tired it, the model was imported as a binary and I was not able to drop it into the scene or do anything with it. Anyone have any idea on how to get his working?

That’s normal that you can’t drag and drop it into the scene.

GLTF/GLB files are not currently supported in the editor outside of using the “convert to GLB” checkbox that applies to FBX. I’m not sure if PlayCanvas will recognize the blendshapes of an FBX imported this way, but you can give it a try. The checkbox is located here under asset tasks:

What they were actually referring to was loading a GLB through code since the editor does not support native GLBs yet, only FBX converted to GLB at run-time. Basically what I’m saying is I know that loading a GLB at run-time through code and using the blendshapes will work just fine, but as for in conjunction with the editor your guess is as good as mine. Someone else can probably answer, but in the meantime feel free to import your FBX this way and seeing if the GLB generated at run-time has your blendshapes or load that GLB with blendshapes that it seems like you can’t do anything with directly through a script attached to your entity in the editor and deal with not being able to preview it until the game is actually started.

Hope that’s clear enough!

We are working on support for importing GLBs for the Editor, in the meantime we have a helper script to load GLBs at runtime

Thanks for the tips guys!

I don’t necessarily need to preview or edit the blendShapes in editor so as long as the work at runtime I can work with that. I haven’t tried testing them at runtime or in a build though, but if they work that’s great!

I’ll test and report back