Blend Trees Release Date?

Hello! This is a follow-up to an e-mail response I received from Will. He asked me to post this as a question on the forum, with the hopes that the developers will be able to help.

So I was just wondering about the release date for blend trees, I was told that there is a closed beta, how could I go about getting my team access to the blend trees?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

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I am also interested in the Closed Beta for the new anim component + blend trees.

Hey @Elliott, we’ve deployed the Blend Trees API although it is still not considered public API:

Do you consider it ready to be test driven by @g63?


Can you DM or post your PlayCanvas username and I will add you when I next at my laptop.

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Hey, the blend tree support in the engine is in a workable state. The only major feature missing for blend trees is the ability to synchronise blended animations together at load time. Though this can be handled in a preprocess step before importing animations into a PlayCanvas project.

We’ll be releasing some engine examples for blend trees very soon, but blend trees support in the editor will take a little longer.


Thank you @will @yaustar @Elliott,

@Elliott That’s completely fine, can I use a JSON instead of the editor State Graph? I was also wondering about the Blend UI that you made. Thanks

You can use JSON, yes. There’s a example from Elliott that has a state graph written in JSON.

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Hello sorry to revive this old thread but is blend trees released?

Hi @nasjarta, yes! Here are some examples:

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Is there an editor version I can play around with for the 2d-directional? Or how could I use it inside the editor?


Right, I think it’s a code only system for the moment, the editor side is still a work in progress. @yaustar can confirm this and if there is a release date.

Here is a relevant topic:

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Hopefully there is a release date for this, can’t wait to play around with it inside the editor

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@Elliott would know more about the timing here.

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Unfortunately we don’t have a release date for exposing the Blend Trees in the Editor yet and it is only available via code as shown in these examples due to priorities of PlayCanvas as a whole: PlayCanvas Examples

However, if people do want to see it sooner, please do upvote add your support for the feature in this ticket here:

If there is more demand for this, we can re-prioritise :slight_smile:


I do not have a github account so I will support from here

I hope there will be more demand you will re-prioritise :blush: