Bitmap flickering on a vertical polygon

I can’t see anything in the launch tab?

you dont see the plane with the bitmap?

Not in the launch tab.

ok launch tab works now, sorry

if you only go back or forward you can see that

The issue here is that it’s a very large texture that is trying to render in a smaller physical pixel space so data/pixels are getting lost.

Using linear filtering helps but not by much. You would be better off using texture size that is closer to the size it would be rendered at.

thanks steven,
not that easy, cause it is in a big hall and you see it from far and near but it would be be good if it would be readable also from far with better quality. possible to work with lod maps? or is an other material/shader better?
thanks for your help !

You may need different versions of the texture to be used at different distances? I’m actually surprised that the mipmaps aren’t helping here.

can i do something more than tick “mipmaps” in the texture?

I’ve been told there could be a ‘bias’ value that could be tweaked but I don’t think it is exposed in the engine :thinking:

You might be better off using smaller texture by default and load a larger one when the user is close.

thanks steven.
i ask our programmers if they can test a 3 lod switch between the different textures.

i you have a further good idea come back to me please.

good time! thanks for your time and help

I noticed the texture was not square and POT and modified it to be. Looks better now at a distance. Currently raising it with the team to see if there’s an issue with our engine here:

well thats great…!! i understand the square, but what is POT, how do i get it?

thanks for fixing that!

POT = Power Of Two is a number of the form 2^n, where n is integer (2, 4, 8, 16, 32, …).


I don’t think it has to be square as well, just POT dimensions (power of 2)

thanks,still found it…same as square, but you can fix that at import stage.

Dimensions like 256 x 512 should also work too

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A square POT is required for Basis PVR compression mode to work. If that compression mode is not used, using non-square image is fine.

GitHub issues raised:

@Leonidas Remember the issue that @Saad_Haider had with a logo that looked pixelated because it was a large texture in a small render area? I reckon this is the same issue that they faced too.

We are probably seeing this issue more because the option to convert to POT assets is now defaulted to false.


Good point, posting the link for reference: UI appears Blurry on Desktop