BASIS texture for cubemap

Hello All,
Did anyone here try to use BASIS texture format for creating cubemap asset ? With JPGs everything works fine but with BASIS textures cubemap is blank with no errors…
Any advices ?

Hi @Radek_HART,

For cubemaps and also hdr image files I think this is still a work in progress, though I may be wrong.

Try posting a question or feature request on the engine repo about this, there is definitely work going in on that right now:

Hi Leonidas,
thank you for a reply. I don’t use HDR cubemaps, it’s simple cubemap asset for postEffect shader = could be say it’s fake background cubemap through posteffects. When I use jpeg as source textures, everything works fine :frowning:

Got it, I’d say still try raising the issue on the engine repo since most likely support for this is still in dev if it’s not working.

Hello Leonidas,
I think this is same problem like your old topic Skybox and compressed textures
Has anything changed since then?

Good point, nope, compressed textures can’t be used when preparing the cubemap to use on skybox.