Any advise or creative ideas on how to create a good looking 3D wormhole (with funnel) effect?

We are developing an online game where you will be able to fly thru a portal to some other planet.
We have modeled a portal device and now we need to create some good looking portal effect.
I did see the portal example in

But that one looks way to flat. We really want a more 3D effect. Also because the user will be able to move around while looking at the portal (with effect). So the funnel needs to be 3D anyway. But I also do not want to make it look as flat plane in the shape of a funnel.

Any advise on how to make a more appealing 3D wormhole (with funnel) effect?

The directions I can think of:

  • particles
  • special shader
  • rotating textures that are mapped on multiple funnels

None of them seems easy to me. So I would like to have some advice first on which path to follow.
Which of these options will look good?
Which will be very difficult or easy to make?
Other options?

Do you have an example (video or other game) of the effect you want to get?

Looks like you may want to use stencilling like this: Stencil Buffer - 3D Magic Card | Learn PlayCanvas

Maybe we can use Stencil Buffers too, but the hiding of the funnel is not the problem.
The question is more how to create a good looking 3D funnel effect.

And no we have no example yet. When we have a technique we can and want to use, we will think about the effect we will make. This to not exclude any technique that is useful for this.

A bit difficult to give advice without knowing the kind of result you are looking to get. Do you have an example from another game etc that can help?

Well, the problem is that we want to make an effect that does not exists yet :wink:

Te question is: what technique can we use best to render a funnel shape that does not look as a funnel made from a flat sheet of paper.

If we for instance create a mesh in the form of a funnel and put some rotating texture on it. It will still look like a funnel made of a flat plane.

You can render to a texture so that you have a 3D rendering on a flat surface

You can try this 3rd party VFX option for PlayCanvas and if it can produce the effect you are looking for GitHub - effekseer/playcanvas-effekseer

Ok, thx a lot. I will take a look.
Can we do with that tool more than we can do with the particle system build in in PlayCanvas?