Animation is not working

I imported a model I rigged into playcanvas but I can’t figure out how to make it do the animation I imported PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

Hi @MoonAlien822! The page below can help you to make the animations work.


@Albertos Anim State Graph Blending | Learn PlayCanvas
PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine
I think I followed the steps correctly but it still doesn’t seem to work

What do you expect to see? The animation you use is a T pose animation.


@Albertos oh… hmmm it was supposed to be a talking animation. I’m confused bc I didn’t add any t-pose animation to the sketch

I can’t find another animation in your project at the moment. Can you try to upload your animations again?

@Albertos I had a look the other night at this. I found

I forked the project and tried to make it work but there is something weird. The other thing I did is open the stand-talk_…glb in the “Open in Viewer” built in. I do see an animation.

Not sure what is happening

It seems that the animation is not designed for the model or the model is not for that animation. The animation is trying to move the entities/nodes of particular names and paths that it can’t find on the model. So it’s stuck on the T pose.

You need to use a model and animation that’s made for each other.


I got the rigged version of the model and animation from the same program though

Is the animation played correctly on that model in the program you use?

yup when I play it in there it works fine

Where did you find the model and animation?

I found the model on and rigged it in ActorCore AccuRIG which is also where I found and tested the animation on the model

I suggest looking at it again and making sure that all names of the model match all names of the animation.

In the animation there’s CC_Base in front of what it’s called for the model, is that supposed to be like that?

For example Pelvis should be CC_Base_Hip or CC_Base_Hip should be Pelvis.

@Albertos Where can I edit the names in the animation?

I think in a modeling program like Blender. You can also take a look at Mixamo here you can find some ‘talking’ animations and add your own model to the animation.

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I got it to work! (now I have to figure out how to texture the peasant :sweat_smile:)

Great! What is your solution?

Your model has only one material, but every part of the model need it’s own material. You can achieve this with a modeling program like Blender. Please create a new topic if you have any issues with that.